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GFL offers a great range of services for all tastes, lifestyles & personalities including: personalised nutrition plans, customised vegan nutrition, various fitness plans, body-building training, yoga available in different styles, acroyoga or inversion for fun, pre/post-natal yoga for pregnancy & fun with baby, diverse types of martial arts, etc.

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Exercise physiologist, Dietitian/Nutritionist, Martial arts

Hello, I’m Vaishakh, your personal Exercise Physiologist Expert to keep you free of pain by working on your posture, and ensuring that there is no difficulty on your knee, shoulder, back, neck, ankle & wrist. For fitness, weightlifting & calisthenics, all are supported with a delicious nutrition plan tailored to boost your overall health !

NAME: Vaishakh
DIET: Non-Vegetarian
WAY of Life: Reaching a good balanced life: diet, fitness, promoting healthy lifestyles, spending time in nature, quality time with family & the loved ones.
MOTO: I am into natural healing and promoting life beyond borders. Exercise is Medicine.
Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam (fluent); French (beginner)

A little about me
Currently residing in NewDelhi, India, I have a strong connection with Kerala. I’m working in an industry which gives strength & confidence to people, and the best part of it is that it provides peace of mind. In short, I am a certified Dietitian/Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist specialist for rehabilitation, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, and for cupping (Chinese Traditional Medicine method used to treat various health issues and discomforts). In addition to that, I am a highly qualified Self-Defense trainer who provides training not only to military brigades & special forces. But focusing on self-defense workshops to female students & workers in NewDelhi, Maharashtra and Kerala, India. These self-defense workshops aim to protect girls & women by showing them how to physically defend themselves in any life-threatening situations, while informing them on their rights & laws protecting them.

My Story
Being a survivor of two major events in my life brought me to developing skills in becoming :
Darker years of being bullied in my early teenage-hood brought me to a brighter path: I enrolled in combat training with various martial arts techniques for my own defense at first. I then realised the benefits of exercising, comprising of boosting self-confidence and mental strength, encouraging to healthier eating habits. That’s when the desire to share with teens the multiple benefits of exercising became stronger. Growing up in a matriarchal culture, contributing in protecting girls & women through martial arts became an important aspect of the awesome practice I teach.
Extreme back pain (3 disc bulges with a sciatica) following a road accident, the doctor refrained me from exercising for half year. Stubborn in nature and aware of my body, I hit the gym only 2 months after the injury, slowly rehabilitating with soft exercises to reinforce my back muscles. This turned out to be a first-hand experience to share with everyone who suffers from injuries and require rehabilitation.


● Certified Nutritionist — Be Fit You India (BFY India)
● Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals (SNHP) — ACE
● Certified Advance Nutrition Expert — BFY (Be Fit You India)
● Clinical Nutritionist (including alternative & integrated nutrition)

● Personal Trainer (CPT) — Gold Gym, Mumbai
● Personal Trainer (CPT) — American College of Exercise (ACSM)
● Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) — NSCA
● Pilates Instructor — MK Pilates, United Kingdom (UK)
● Self-defense Instructor Level 3 — EdgeAndImpact
● National Defense Educator — EdgeAndImpact
● PlyoPower Expert — BFY
● Kettlebell & Functional Expert — ACE, BFY
● Advance TRX Expert — TRX co. (total body workout: suspension exercises; building strength, army style –> turn body into a workout machine)

● Frozen Shoulder Expert — Neil Asher Technique (NAT)
● Lower Back Rehab Prehab Specialist — NAT
● Cardio Pulmonary Resurrection (CPR) — American Heart Association (AHA)
● Rehab Expert for Knee & Shoulder Complex — NAT
● Sports & Rehab Cupping — NAT
● Trigger Point Specialist — NAT

● Clinical Exercise Specialist — ACSM (currently undertaking)