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Vaishakh K.


Vaishakh K.

Kalaripayattu & Self-Defense

Hey, this is Vaishakh, your self defense & Kalaripayattu trainer!

NAME: Vaishakh K.
DIET: Non-vegetarian & healthy lifestyle
WAY of LIFE: It is all about balance.
MOTO: “Fall down seven times, stand up at eighth.”
Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam (fluent); 

A little about me:
Although I currently reside in East Delhi, I’m a pure Keralite by heart. Hometown being the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, I am able to speak Tamil, apart from Malayalam, English and Hindi. I’m an instrumental musician (and a music teacher), capable of playing guitar (self-taught) and some percussion while my forte being Western piano. Now working on combining Carnatic and Western progressive fusion music. Also won prizes for band performances, and had the opportunity of performing as a band under Kerala government, at Kerala House, Delhi. I love books, I love to read, I love to write prose and stories, and I have also received many awards for the same. I’m currently pursuing MSc in Physics, and I’m aspiring to be an Astrophysicist.

I’ve also put my efforts for several years into the oldest form of martial arts, Kalaripayattu (known as ‘The Mother of All Martial Arts’), from which most of the martial arts today have been derived. Having the post of secondary instructor level, I’ve also had the opportunity to represent India in The
International Martial Arts Fest, held in Purwakarta, Indonesia in 2016. Also trained in bare hand combats
to wooden and metal weaponry.

I am a self-defence instructor for female students across Delhi on how to protect & defend themselves in any situation, and an army combat trainer specialist.

My Story:
I’ve grown up having little to no friends, and at times even got bullied by people younger to me, when I was around 8. Always faced a series of bad luck, throughout every year, but loved to face them all. I love challenges. I love those people even more, who tell me I can’t. That has made me really stubborn, and hence after all these years, I’m only doing what people said I can’t. Grown up as an introvert, but now, meeting new people, knowing their culture and so on, is one of my hobbies.

I had also faced my worst injury during my martial arts training, which left a bad scar on my chin, and leaving around 7-8 teeth cracked, of which 3 underwent root canal simultaneously. Due to that, I was unable to eat anything solid for almost a month, losing my health and almost became very skeletal. And yet, I stood back up after my recovery, and made it to perform in the international level, at Indonesia, in 2016.