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GFL offers a great range of services for all tastes, lifestyles & personalities including: personalised nutrition plans, customised vegan nutrition, various fitness plans, body-building training, yoga available in different styles, acroyoga or inversion for fun, pre/post-natal yoga for pregnancy & fun with baby, diverse types of martial arts, etc.

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Plant Based Expert

Hello, I’m Umang, your personal plant-based expert!

NAME: Umang S.
Plant-based 100% for 7 years
I am glad to help and encourage everyone who is wishing to get a healthy and fit life. “Being Vegan” played a major role in bringing life to my health. I can feel all the positive energy and strength within myself.
Plant-based diet is an awesome way of life and can transform the way you look at fitness & diet.
English, Hindi (fluent);

A little about me:
Born and brought up in “DAYALBAGH” community, which is a fabulous ECO-VILLAGE situated in the famous city of Taj Mahal, I am currently living in Bhiwadi and working with Honda Cars India Ltd. Meanwhile, I am highly involved within the plant-based & vegan community, encouraging our vegan initiatives across India, sharing my knowledge of the health benefits of being on a plant-based diet, crafted by own “plant-based honey” brand made of guavas, and more.

My Story:
I stepped into a gym as a vegan on the very first day of my fitness journey on 13th July 2012. I turned to a plant-based diet and started going to gym to transform myself. I went from an unhealthy lifestyle and processed to a healthier one. I shed a significant weight loss from 103kg to 68kg, and then moved towards gaining lean muscular mass: my current body weight is now of 82kg of muscles, which gradually led me into becoming a passionate weightlifter.