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Yoga, Climbing, Hiking, Indian Classical & Bangrah Dancer


NAME: Shweta
DIET: Vegetarian
WAY of LIFE: I am glad to guide you with yogic practices & breathing techniques as a beginner, intermediate and even to continue the practice you have always been practicing, or recently started again. You may prefer private classes, or in groups at the comfort of your home, or to even call me at your office during lunch time with colleagues sharing the awareness of your body, mind & soul. OM !

Languages: English, Norwegian, Hindi, Punjabi (fluent); Sanskrit (intermediate)
A little about me:
Born and raised in India, the lifetime path of yoga has always been drawing me towards the practice since a very young age. After completing law school, I moved to Norway with my family, where I continue to practice yoga as soon as I was off from work, before by two teenagers get home from school. Passionate about everything that is related to the most authentic basis of the yoga practice going back to its earliest roots, I’ve spent years reading and researching on the topic. I’m a never-ending learner! This led me to share my knowledge with everyone showing me interest. I’m the founder of Moksha Yoga which allows me to share with others my love for yoga!

My Story:
My spiritual journey began years ago, at a young age that I can’t even remember. After getting married and settling in Norway, I jumped on very chance I created to return to India and learn more in depth the true basis of the yogic practice including Asana, Hata, breathing techniques and spending wonderful days at an ashram. It’s already been more than 30 years practicing yoga during which 15 years sharing my knowledge with beautiful Norwegian souls. As a young girl, my parents put me in a dance school where I learned and increase my dexterity while dancing on Indian Classical rhythm. I have recently began dance classes to Norwegians. There is an ongoing fun class that I have personalized which comprises of mix of northern Indian dance called “Bangrah” originated from Punjab, with simple yoga movements.

Although yoga is known worldwide, there is a physical fitness system to improve the postures through exercises required for a strong core, to strengthen the lower back muscles and to increase the overall balance and flexibility. The breathing techniques develop a strong and amazingly focused mind.