Harmonizing body, mind & soul

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Mantra Chanteuse, Shamanic healer, Sitar player

Namaskar, I’m Mukta Mayoori !

NAME: Mukta Mayoori
DIET: Vegetarian
WAY of Life: Reaching a good balanced life between mind, body and soul.
Languages: English, Hindi (fluent); Sanskrit (advanced)

A little about me

Our body is made of more than 70 percent water. The effects of sound vibrations for healing are not just felt at the spirit level but also very effectively at the physical level.
Mayoori uses specific ancient sounds that cut through your body system organs and effect at a cellular level to bring about changes that are not just significant at the symptomatic level but at the core for trans-formative healing.

She adds many lineages she comes from and uses the channeling of universal sound consciousness to let the healing take place. And you will be able to be the conduit for your healing process firsthand.

She holds a degree in Sanskrit from Bangalore university and has been in the world of mantras since her childhood. With many practices starting early in her childhood, she explored many ancient traditions of healing and practiced many tools and also actively combines many others modalities when necessary.

She believes that all beings are capable of healing and adopting different modalities that are expressed either in the form of light or sound. She is always in her practice and gives practices in consultations and retreats to share and transmit the rich experience of healing and celebration of life.

Book your session for healing with ancient sounds of mantras.

Mayoori also provides voice training for healing purposes, sacred ancient dance practices and shamanic breathwork along with Reiki and some crystal sessions and can combine these in her sessions