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Essential Oils Coach, Acroyoga & Nutritionist

Namaste, Bonjour, Nihao, Hola, Hello
I’m Jacy, your expert in well-being & nutrition!
I am glad to guide you into your new healthier & natural lifestyle.
Lots of tips to provide you with to make your journey a fun & easy one!

NAME: Jacy
DIET: 100% Dairy-free & Gluten-free & Corn-free
95% Plant-based diet & soya-free; and
5% Flexible (family gatherings: seafood, soya chips; traveling in rural areas: bread if no other food options)

WAY of LIFE: EOs (essential oils), Acroyoga, Meditation, Yoga, Peace, Universal-love, Organic & GMO-free agriculture, Nature, Nutrition, Well-being, Energy-healing. Making my own products as much as possible, to avoid most harmful chemicals present in foods & household products.

MOTO: “Let Food be your Medicine & Medicine be your Food” ~ Hippocrates

Languages: English, French, Mandarin (fluent); Spanish (intermediate); Hindi, Punjabi, Russian (beginner)
A little about me:
Born and raised in the Canadian French province of Quebec, in my teenage years I discovered my anthropologist soul during my first trip, alone, backpacking in Europe. I repeated a similar experience at 19 on a European trip that challenged myself most and where I’ve met beautiful souls who still have a positive impact on my life. Then, I jumped onto a plane that landed in the country of legends and dragons: China! A lifetime growth experience of 8 years. My anthropologist soul then had a calling to discover and immerse into the incredible colours, flavours, wonders and mythologies of India: an ongoing experience full on masala!

My Story:
At an early age, climbing trees, playing with wild creatures and tasting flowers was a normal part of my life. Or it might even had started ‘in another life’.  Understanding the healing power of essential oils (EOs) & medicinal plants, and learning the benefits on overall health have always been a part of my soul.

Thankfully inherited the values of a healthy lifestyle & diet from my mother. Eating habits were already a part of me from birth. However, it took me years of my teenager-hood to grasp the real essence of those important values and their impact on health. While abroad for all those years, my Nutritionist side (based on blood type & lifestyle) was often keeping me away from junk foods. It cost me a gain of unhealthy 12kg while in China to go back to my original lifestyle. Since then, I have a passion for sharing knowledge on health & nutrition to everyone who shows interest in it. And an intellectual thirst for naturopathy, sustainable agriculture, and food security.

In my early teenage years, I read everything found at the local library on energy healing techniques, powers of plants, medicinal herbs, the great power of Mother Nature, and legends from around the world. On the long summer road trips, I could listen with fascination my dad repeating old sort of legends of the Canadian First Nations (a.k.a. ‘indigenous people’): our Mi’kma’ki ancestors.