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Hi, I’m Dimitryi, yoga for music expert !

NAME: Dimitryi
DIET: Vegetarian
WAY of Life: Sharing the benefits of yoga for music.
Languages: English, Russian (fluent); Hindi & Sanskrit (beginner)

A little about me: Founder of Pranasuri, – Yoga for musicians, creative people and all those who self-actualize through creativity in any field of activity. Co founder of Mantradhwani- An online school platform for International audience to learn “Mantra Yoga”. 

My story:From the very childhood, Dimitryi was drawn to self-knowledge to overcome doubts, fears and, most importantly to embrace openness. In search of the same, in 1995, he found interest in pursuit of yoga. It was the yoga of A. Sidersky.After 3 years of regular group and individual classes using this Yoga23 technique, he went to Kiev for a seminar, and from that moment on, regularly took part in the seminars for the next 6 years. In 2011, he started swimming with breath holding and freediving.Gradually new states of consciousness appeared, which eventually become stable, due to which individual fragments of perception began to unite. With personal experiences guiding him, he decided to start teaching yoga in 2013 and graduated in the first training in the Kiev school A. Siderskogo by the method of Yoga23.With deep practice in Vipasana , he was looking for some missing link. From 2014 onwards, he found the answers in Indian traditional flute- Bansuri. This tradition turned out to be real yoga in the form of pranayama, meditation on sound and perception of spiritual states of consciousness. He is still researching in practical psychology and going through various seminars on transpersonal and process-oriented psychotherapy to integrate in his teaching modules.In 2018, he co founded the online platform- Mantradhwani- Voice of Mantras . The platform is the first unique place to offer Mantra yoga, Sufi yoga and Indian Classical Vocals in an organised unified structure. It is at present available in bilingual formats- English and Russian.

Background:Graduation in Economics, Govt University of Yaroslavl.

Geographical Imprints: His workshops are conducted globally in Thailand, Russia and India.In India, he holds personal and group workshops in Delhi and the other cities of India are in the pipeline.