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GFL offers a great range of services for all tastes, lifestyles & personalities including: personalised nutrition plans, customised vegan nutrition, various fitness plans, body-building training, yoga available in different styles, acroyoga or inversion for fun, pre/post-natal yoga for pregnancy & fun with baby, diverse types of martial arts, etc.

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The 3, 6 & 9 Days workshop is designed in a unique way that allows participants to stay on their feet, to learn techniques to safely fall on the ground & quickly get back on their feet, to take control over a life-threatening situation and many other ways to get out of different scenarios and attack simulations. This workshop is offering intensive opportunities to build up participants self-confidence in safeguarding themselves and to seek necessary resources.

The most popular is our 6 days workshop, which is structured as follow:

A sample Workshop Layout

DAY 1  : 90 minutes

  • Women Empowerment
  • Laws & Rights protecting girls, women & children
  • Warm Up for movement

DAY 2  : 90 minutes

  • GFL Team introduction
  • Self-defense
  • Vulnerable Points in the body
  • Fighting stance
  • Body tools

DAY 3  : 90 minutes

  • Body Conditioning 
  • Close Quarter Combat

DAY 4  : 90 minutes

  • The 10 strikes 
  • The 2 ways to put you down
  • Anti-grappling techniques

DAY 5  : 90 minutes

  • Ground techniques

DAY 6  : 90 minutes

  • Safeguarding and reversing the situation
  • Review of all techniques and movements
  • Local resources and GoodBye